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SCHIMMEL expanded its machinery


Highest performance in the processing of stainless steel 1.4301

In cooperation with the firm Gildemeister we could take the new GMC 42 ISM in operation. The GMC 42 ISM is for the processing of difficult machinable stainless steel parts (1.4301) with large internal threads for special requisite roughness. Torque and precision are at a very high level. Additionally the torque and precision are at a very high level.

The pick-up device and connected robotics enables the processing of bulk or compact goods. The inherent stiffness of the machine ensures the production of precision parts in high quality.

The Josef Schimmel GmbH & Co. KG will continue produce sophisticated, complex geometries in stainless steel with medium or large quantities. Based on the motor spindle technology millings and drillings are now available on every spindle position in the respective best speed range.

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